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Montre connectée Samsung GEAR S2

Montre connecté Samsung

Weight: 47 g

Processor: Exynos 3250

RAM: 512 MB

Screen: 1.2 inches

Battery: 250 mAh

Processor  frequency: 1 GHz

Processor  manufacturer: Samsung

Definition: 360 x 360 pixels Width 42.3 mm

  • White
  • Black
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After the rectangular and curved format of the Gear S, not to mention the hyper massive format of the object, now places curves. Like all manufacturers, or almost, Samsung has this year turned to a circular format for its Gear S2. A format that allows you to erase a little "connected object" label glued to the front of the product, and to assert a little more its "watch" side. Of course, there are classic watches with a rectangular dial, but they are in the minority.

The Samsung Gear S2 is therefore much more discreet wrists, and it is really necessary that the screen turns on so that we guess that it is not an object like the others. It is also a premium item from the materials used in its construction. If the sport version in our possession has a fairly classic look, the complete case is made of stainless steel.

The S2 has a heart rate sensor, positioned as always at the belly of the object, and a microphone is apparantly implanted between the two physical buttons on the right edge of the dial.

When we saw the screen of the watch, the first reflex was to say "it is quite far from the window, right? But it's surprisingly not inconvenient to use. The screen is very bright, and is very readable regardless of the angle from which it is viewed.

The dimensions, the weight, and the manufacture of the object make it a pleasant device to wear. And this is not always the case on connected watches.

The great technical revolution of this Samsung Gear S2 is the rotary dial, which breathes new life into connected watches by reinventing the way we use them. Now, it's not just about tapping and swiping on the screen with your finger to access all the features, but learning how to use rotation to access notifications or apps, and physical buttons for other actions. It may seem complicated, like that, but it's actually very easy to handle.

The clock is the starting point. And when you turn the dial to either side, a series of small dots appears at the top of the screen, where this starting point is indicated by a "v" validation. Typically, you find to the right of this starting point of the functions, and to the left of the notifications which will pile up or not if you consult them.

These functions are calendar, weather, music player, pulse measurement, and shortcuts to S Health data. These are also directly integrated into the watch and there is no need to have the application on the phone.

One of the shortcuts also leads to a menu grouping S Voice, Applications, Friend and Settings. When you access the parameters, it is possible to perform several actions related to the device (dial change, energy saving, call options, input, connections ...). As for the applications icon, it allows access to all the interactive apps with the watch - some of which must be downloaded to the phone - where you always navigate with the dial, but this time the apps are arranged all around the screen. All you have to do is press the screen to access one or the other application. Note that you can also access applications with the physical button below the microphone.

What we can blame the Gear S2, and this version of Tizen adapted to the circular screens and the use of the rotary dial is that it's a little messy and it takes a clear time adaptation to master all the workings of this new system. The interface is in any case fluid and efficient and we feel that we finally have a real smart watch on our wrist, especially when it detects that it is not worn, or that it is put, and starts automatically in the standby state.

We can therefore hold two to three days with the watch without forcing too much, and the brightness setting will still save a few hours of load on the S2. In real life, there was about 35% loss of autonomy every 24 hours. By having it recharged during the night and put on the wrist that very morning, we are thus on the bases of three days without recharging. And that was confirmed on our test week, where only two refills were needed.

Montre connecté Samsung
5 Items

Data sheet

47 grammes
Taille écran
Dimensions (L*l*h) cm
11,4 mm x 42,3 mm
Principal colour
RAM (Go)
Samsung Exynos 3250 1 GHz

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