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On ALLEX, you can pay as you wish via Orange Mobile Money, MTN Mobile Money, Paypal and Visa and Masterard credit cards.

Payment with Orange Mobile Money

Prerequisites to use Orange Money for your purchases on Allex

Have an Orange number

Be a user of Orange Money services

Have credit on your Orange Money account

How to make a payment via Orange Money

- Add products to your basket then click on "Order"

- Select your delivery method according to the city of destination of your purchases.

From the list of payment options, choose Orange Money and click on "Order with payment obligation"

Once on the Orange Money payment page:

Dial with your phone the # 150 * 4 * 4 #

Enter your Orange Money PIN

A payment code is sent to you by SMS. It can be used for 15 minutes

On the Orange Money payment page, fill in your phone number and payment code and click confirm

Once the transaction is confirmed, you receive an SMS from Orange confirming the payment and your Orange Money account is debited.

You receive an email from Allex confirming your order.

Payment with MTN Mobile Money

In order to be able to pay with MTN Money, you must

Have an MTN number

Be a user of MTN Money services

Have credit on your MTN Money account

How to make a payment via MTN Money

Caution Make sure your MTN Money mobile account is credited with the total amount of the desired order.

Do not close this page or interrupt your internet connection until the end of the transaction.

1. Choose MTN Mobile Money as your payment method by ticking the box "Pay with MTN Mobile Money"

2. Enter the MTN phone number associated with your MTN Mobile Money account preceded by the code 237. (Example: 237612345678) in the indicated field.

3.Confirm your order by clicking on "Buy Now". You will receive a confirmation of payment request on your phone.

4.Compose * 126 * 1 #. Choose 4 "Allow Transactions", then follow the steps until payment.

5.When your payment is validated, you are redirected to the confirmation page of Allex where you will find the number of your order.

You receive an email from Allex confirming your order.

Payment with Paypal and credit cards

To make payments via paypal and Visa and Mastercard, you must make your purchases using the Euro or the dollar as currency.

To change the store's currency, click the default currency displayed and select from the drop-down list the currency you are using.



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